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Satyricon & Munch

Music, space and art come together in this exhibition to envelop the viewer in an atmospheric chamber. Composed by Norwegian black metal band Satyricon, the music was created in reaction to the paintings on view by Edvard Munch. The emotive notes and musical landscapes resonate with the artist’s expressive motifs. Just like Munch’s art, Satyricon’s composition plays with existential themes and contrasts that encourage reflection and contemplation. In the tension between the electric and the acoustic, the delicate lines and powerful brush strokes, the monumental and the intimate, sound and image complement and amplify each other.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Satyricon and MUNCH. Formed in 1991, Satyricon is today one of the world’s most influential black metal bands. The music in the exhibition bears the band’s unmistakable signature, but the format and instrumentation clearly depart from their previous creations. Munch ceaselessly explored the possibilities of art and the experimental and emotionally charged approach is something Satyricon shares with the artist.

The exhibition at MUNCH in Oslo opened in April 2002 and closes 28.8 2022. 
More information on the project at MUNCH.

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