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Kultur for kunst – Trondheim kommunes kunstsamling

The anthology Kultur for kunst (Culture for Art) was published on the occasion of the 20-year anniversary of Trondheim municipality’s program for art in public spaces. The book takes a thematic approach with contributions from seven authors, delving deeper into the experiences and effects of presenting various types of art to the public.

© Orfeus Publishing
Subject editor: Marit K. Flåtter
Editorial board: Berit Kirksæther and Ingun Myrstad
Publishing editor: Inger Schjoldager

Texts: Rita Ottervik, Marit K. Flåtter, Hanna Malene Lindberg, Meva Hasan Aydilek, Ingeborg Hjorth, Märit Aronsson-Towler, André Gali, Anna Ulrikke Andersen, Hans Carlsson
Design/repro: Halvor Bodin
Photography: Øystein Thorvaldsen, Grethe Britt Fredriksen, Glen Musk and more

Art in Trondheim
Orfeus Publishing

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24 x 27 cm
208 pages
ISBN: 978-82-93959-09-0
Livonia Print SIA, 2023, Latvia
Paper: Sappi Magno Gloss 150 g/m²
Endpapers: Munken Lynx 150 g/m²
Cover: Balacron Savanna 5122
Typografi: ABC Arizona

Interiør & Møbler
NILs årbok 2023

The Norwegian Organisation of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers (NIL) represents the country’s leading talents within interior architecture and furniture design. The 2023 annual Interiør & Møbler presents the best projects from 2022.

The 2023 edition of Interiør & Møbler is published both as a printed version and a digitial version. The content is the same, both a html-version and downloadable pdf-files identical to the print layout.

Editor: Inger Schjoldager, Orfeus Publishing.
Project manager: Mona Lise Lien

Art direction, graphic design and production/repro: Halvor Bodin.
Advertising: Coordinator of sales: Steffen K. Ludvigsen.
Typography in use: Neue Haas Grotesk.

The 2023 edition is the third Interiør & Møbler published both as a printed version and a digitial version. The content is the same, both a html-version and downloadable pdf-files identical to the print layout. The web-project is developed with Bleed, Avento and Halvor Bodin (also responsible for the content management).

Interiør & Møbler online version
236 pages
Format: 29,7 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-82-91194-33-2
ISSN 0803-7582

Paper: 300 g/m2 FSC [omslag],
115 g/m2 G-Print FSC [materie],
Rainbow Intensive Orange 80 g/m2

Livonia Print SIA, Latvia

Orange colored paper on the index and address chapter.


Fruit juice brand and packaging.
Brand design and label by Halvor Bodin.
Rendering by Halvor Bodin.
Bottle 3D-model by Netron Norway

Homborsund Bryggeri


Oscarshall at Bygdø sits like a shining monument at the entrance to Oslo
and was built between 1847–1852, following the largest building project of the
19th century in Norway: The Royal Palace. Oscarshall was not only created to fulfil the function of a pleasure palace, but it can also be interpreted as the Royal Palace’s commitment to artists and the exhibiting of contemporary art and craft. The complex is considered the main work of Danish architect Johan Henrik Nebelong (1817–1871) and is the first place in Norway to be built as
a contemporary art museum.

In keeping with this tradition, The Royal Collections is delighted to present a group exhibition in Gallery Josephine and the adjacent park, in collaboration with the department of Art and Craft at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Ten international artists, who recently studied printmaking as part of the MFA in Material- and Medium-based Art, have conceived new artworks in our own time, to be exhibited in dialog with the historical palace.

The artists: Ben Clement, Hanna Halsebakke, Kamil Kak, Kari Kolltveit, Milton Mondal, Sally Nordström, Debangona Paul, Sigvei Ringvold, Maria Viirros, Anna Weilhartner.

Curator for the exhibition: Ingvar Strøm Torjuul
Mounting: Ottar Annfelt Moe
Texts: The artists, Gunhild Varvin
Photography: The artists, Øivind Möller Bakken and Jan Haug, The Royal Court
Catalogue design/repro: Halvor Bodin

© The Royal Court 2023

The Royal Court
The Royal Collections
The Royal House of Norway

The department of Art and Craft at Oslo National Academy of the Arts
14,8 x 21 cm
48 pages + cover
ISBN: 978-82-8106-041-8
Print: TS Trykk, Oslo
Paper: Edixion Offset, 150 g/m2,
Edixion Offset, 250 g/m2
Typography: ABC Arizona

Victor Lind
Friheten må gjestfri være

The catalogue was released at the opening of Victor Lind’s exhibition Friheten må gjestfri være at Haugar Art Museum 17 September 2022. Curated by Erlend Hammer.

Texts: Erlend Hammer, Ida Bringedal

Editorial help: Leif Magne Tangen
Design/repro: Halvor Bodin
Photography: Joron Pihl, Øystein Thorvaldsen, Halvor Bodin

Published by Haugar Art Museum
The catalogue is available at the Haugar Art Museum Shop. More info (Norwegian) about the exhibition at Haugar.

21 x 27 cm
96 pages
ISBN 978-82-92095-41-6

Printed at TS trykk, Oslo
Paper: MultiArt Silk 170 g/m2
MultiArt Silk 350 g/m2
Typography: Suisse Int’l
Cover Colour: Pantone Yellow C

© Haugar Kunstmuseum 2022

We made a limited edition box set including the catalogue from Kunstnernes Hus in 2012 and the red one from Horten Kunstforening/Kihlegalleriet 2022.

The red catalogue Fra et bomberom i 1972 is for the exhibition that opened 15 October 2022 at Horten Kunstforening/Kihlegalleriet. The catalogue is designed by Alette Hovik Kjeldsberg with photos by Thomas Moss and texts by Per Bjarne Boym, Dag Kjeldsberg and Ellen Marie Sæthre-McGuirk.

The blue catalogue Contemporary Memory was published in 2012 for Victor Lind’s exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo 2012/2013. The catalogue was designed by Node Berlin Oslo with texts by Mats Sjernstedt, Ida Kierulf, Marianne Heier, Per Bjarne Boym, Charles Esche and Victor Lind.

The yellow catalogue Friheten må gjestfri være for the exhibition at Haugar Art Museum in Tønsberg is designed by me, photographs by Øystein Thorvaldsen and me. Texts by curator Erlend Hammer and Ida Bringedal.

The box set with blue, red, yellow catalogues is/was available at Haugar Art Museum, Horten Kunstforening and Kunstnernes Hus. The box set is signed by Victor Lind. The catalogues are of course also available as single publications. 

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© Halvor Bodin