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Lines.Fields was released at Marianne Mannsåker’s exhibition Licorne at Kunstbanken, Hamar, 20 August–9 October 2022.

“Marianne Mannsåker treats materials, references and iconography in a complex and subtle way – internal reflections stand out in relief from the intertwining threads of various media. Lines confirm the contours of her entire work. Earlier and recent works cohere, via a long process of genesis. A movement through her practice is discernible and results in changes through time: sometimes scarcely noticeable, at other times emphatic. From textile art to painting and drawing, with a special sense of the literary, Mannsåker explores the point of balance between representational and abstract art. On the material’s own premises, fluctuating between the senses. That which with concentration and intensity is launched out into an open space returns after a while to its point of departure, like a returned letter in an unfinished correspondence.”

Line Ulekleiv

Orfeus Publishing
Publishing editor: Inger Schjoldager

Text: Line Ulekleiv, Stine Berg Evensen
Translation: John Irons
Design/repro: Halvor Bodin
Photography: Per Berntsen, Halvor Haugerud, Marianne Mannsåker, Henrik Petterson/O.Væring, Øystein Thorvaldsen, Thomas Tveter, Isabelle Uller

Marianne Mannsåker website
Orfeus Publishing
Kunstbanken senter for samtidskunst
23 x 27 cm
152 pages
ISBN: 978-82-93140-97-9
Livonia Print SIA, 2022, Latvia
Paper: Arctic Volume White 150 g/m2
Endpapers: Magno Natural 150 g/m2
Cover: Canvas Extra 1165, Geltex
Typography: ABC Favorit
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