Halvor Bodin

Interiør & Møbler
NILs jubileumsårbok 2020

The Norwegian Organisation of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers (NIL) represents the country’s leading talents within interior architecture and furniture design. The 2020 annual Interiør & Møbler presents the best projects from 2019. This edition marks the 75 year anniversary of NIL. 

Editor: Inger Schjoldager, Orfeus Publishing
Project manager: Mona Lise Lien
Art direction, graphic design and production/repro: Halvor Bodin
Graphic production assistance: Claudia C. Sandor
Advertising: Coordinator of sales: Steffen K. Ludvigsen

The 2020 edition is the first Interiør & Møbler published both as a printed version and a digitial version. The content is the same, both a html-version and downloadable pdf-files identical to the print layout. The web-project is developed with Bleed, Avento and Halvor Bodin (also responsible for the content management).

Interiør & Møbler online version
292 pages
Format: 29,7 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-82-91194-30-1
ISSN 0803-7582

Paper: 300 g/m2 FSC [omslag],
115 g/m2 G-Print FSC [materie],
Rainbow Intensive Orange 80 g/m2

Livonia Print SIA, Latvia

Cover fold, gold foil on cover.
Orange colored paper on the index and address chapter.

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