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Our HOPE for the future. Dreams of a better world from friends of Xynteo Chairman and CEO, Osvald Bjelland on his 60th birthday in 2020.

We had our first meeting about this book March 6 2020. That was the last physical meeting I had in a very long time. HOPE was produced during the first part of the pandemic remotely over the phone and net. I tried to materialize all the colours and vividness I could imagine into this project using my microscope, pigments, chemicals, cameras and computers.

Halvor Bodin

Hope is not passive. Hope calls for action. As the author and activist Rebecca Solnit wrote, “Hope is not like a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky. Hope,” she says, “is an axe you should break down doors with in an emergency.”

And we are in such an emergency now. And I am not just talking about the coronavirus and the social and economic costs it will incur. I am talking about the problems that were already with us when the pandemic hit—our foolish disruption of our ecosystems, our wastefulness and inefficiency, our obsession with material consumption, our warring, our failure to fully empower the marginalised.

My hope for the future is that, after we turn the page on this crisis, we’ll remember this time as the moment we all paused to reembrace our values, to reconnect to each other, to give our planet some time to rebalance, and to truly rise to the challenge of building a just and better world.

Osvald Bjelland
© 2020 Osvald Bjelland

22 x 24 cm
208 pages

Editor: Jerry Bowles

Texts: Osvald Bjelland, Veronica Lie and the friends of Osvald Bjelland.

Editing/proof reading and more: Jerry Bowles, Osvald Bjelland, Veronica Lie, Ingeborg Døsen.

Johannes Bjelland, page 2–5, 16, 17, 32, 33, 43, 46, 53–55, 63, 70–73, 86, 87, 110, 114, 135, 172–174, 178, 182, 191, 207
Simon Skreddernes, page 100

Graphic design/photomicrography/
macro photography/cgi-illustration/
image editing/repro: Halvor Bodin

Printer: Kai Hansen Trykkeri, Stavanger, Norway

Paper: Munken Print White 15 150 g/m2
Cover: MultiArt Silk 150 g/m2
Endpapers: Soporset Premium Offset 170g g/m2

Typography: GT Walsheim (Grilli Type)


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